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Our marine services


Our technical team undertakes the installation of all bridge electronics in a retrofit or newbuild vessel.

Starting from offering the appropriate system solution, we continue with the design and finally execute the most suitable offer, to the last stage of installation, and the vessel will be commissioned and sea trial.

  • Marine & yacht bridge electronics:
  • Satellite communications
  • Ship automations
  • Fire alarm installation, monitoring and service.

marine networks

Marine networks pl, established the 2013, from people who have up to 10 years experience of marine electronics, household safety systems, Vip services, Fire alarm monitoring systems and more...


  • Address: 41 Agiou Dimitriou Avenue, 18546 Piraeus, Greece
  • Telephone: +30 211 3331565, Tech.Department: +30 694 0037519 
  • E-mail: info@marinnet.gr